It's official! Epic Wedding Shawl is off the needles!! Sure, the bind-off took me over three hours (all 1152 stitches of it) and that's not including the first bind-off I started to do but had to unpick because I fail at reading instructions and didn't knit the last two lines of the pattern, which was actually unnecessary because it turns out the last two lines of the pattern aren't actually part of the pattern pattern but the designer's suggestion for a stretchy bind-off which was different than the bind-off that I was using, so I ended up doing that, and then using Jeny's Suprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off on top of it. So now I'm a bit worried that the bind-off is TOO stretchy, but the rational part of my brain keeps yelling at me "It's a gigantic circle that you want to have a swoopy border -- there's no such thing as TOO stretchy in that circumstance!!!"

I'm needing to make a bigger blog post (with pictures!) but in the meantime, I think I just need sleep. I'm too rambly. So, I'll just post a quick list of things to look forward to:

  • Review of what has to be The Most Awful Book Series Ever Written
  • Progress on Secret Christmas Knitting
  • Progress on Not-So-Secret Christmas Knitting
  • Paul and Storm concert last night
  • Pictures of Epic Wedding Shawl
  • ...and possibly more! Depending, of course, on what I get around to before I get around to posting all that other stuff.
Stay tuned, kids.