The Big Day

I'm currently back home in Tampa for Rina's wedding. It's so scary to me to think of my little cousin all grown up and getting married. (I say this as if she's much more than half a year younger than me, and as if I am not married myself. Kindly disregard that...) All the while I was knitting on Epic Wedding Shawl, this day felt like it was so far off. And now that it's here it doesn't feel real at all. The wedding isn't until this evening, so we'll see how I feel by then.

Still, no matter what, the idea that Epic Wedding Shawl will be with her on this oh-so-important day fills me with pride and a warm cozy feeling. That something I spent so much time creating out of nothing but some sticks, some string, and my own two hands will be keeping her warm and cozy (in the brutal Florida air conditioning!) makes me so happy I just can't put it into words.

I love you, Rina, and I hope that this day will be everything you dreamed it would be.