Home again, home again...

It's been a very draining weekend. I went back to Florida for a long weekend to spend time with my family, and am now back in the Burgh. It was hard in a lot of ways, and reassuring in a lot of ways, and wonderful in a lot of ways. Overall, it was very, very tiring, and now that I'm away again it's all hit me at once and I'm just absolutely exhausted.

I've been very neglectful post-wise, but very productive knitting-wise. This'll be picture heavy and I'll post more when my brain is feeling less mushy.

First off, we've got my latest Secret Project. I wanted to make something nice for my mom to encourage her to take some time for herself and relax through all the family drama. And what better way than a pair of cute pedicure socks!

She really loved them, and they fit great.

While we had the camera and knits out, I also got her to model the Tiger Triangle for me.

We gave it a wash and a fresh blocking, so maybe if she goes somewhere with air conditioning and sits under a vent she can get some use out of it this year. It's already way too hot to wear it outside.

Then we have all the chemo hats I've been working on. They came out as lovely and soft as I thought they would, and the fit is great. Nani has been getting cold lately, and she's reported that they're working out wonderfully for sleeping in at night.

And since I had lots of yarn left over, I was able to throw together a pair of fingerless mitts out of the Berroco Vintage yarn as well. Those will be especially nice for during her treatments, so her hands can stay warm but her fingers will still be free for leafing through a magazine or book.

Shown here modelled by my mother. Please note her latest cross stitch project. I am always amazed by her lovely needlework. I feel like I don't have the patience to do the complex pieces she does, which in my head I know is totally silly because it's no more taxing on my patience than working a large knitted lace project, but that's still how I feel.

I'm going to try to get back into needlepoint. My mom gave me a really cute needlepoint kit. No pictures because I still have to dig it out of my suitcase, but I'm looking forward to doing it over the summer when it's too hot to sit around with a lap full of wool. I also bought some tea towels and an embroidery hoop to make some embroidered dish towels. Pictures forthcoming on that as well.

Now I'm going to sign off for the night. I'm going to (finally, finally!) cast on with my bribe yarn (Dream in Color Knitosophy in Blossom) for my Larch shawl. I need something mindless, and the garter stitch body of that shawl is just what I need right now.

Also, the cats are thrilled that I'm home.