The GAP - Day 2

After waking up and eating a breakfast of DIY bagels, tea, and Aleeve, we set off from Greenwood House to Ohiopyle, our stop for lunch. The trail that day was much shadier than the ride we did the day before. We set off fairly early in the day, so it was nice and cool. We saw deer, including a mother deer and her fawn. They hopped away before anyone could get a camera out. I enjoyed this day's ride the most out of all the days they did.

The woods we rode through were lovely. The trail stayed pretty close along the river. And there were rocks. Did I mention the rocks? It turns out that western Pennsylvania is full of 'em. You can't swing a cat without hitting a rock. There were big rocks.

And bigger rocks...

And rocks so big that they weren't rocks so much as they were walls.

There were rocks green with vegetation, and rocks in the water, and well, just rocks rocks and more rocks.

One of the nicer things about that portion of the trail was that we kept passing little rocks creeks and tiny waterfalls (where the water wasn't falling so much as trickling) and each time we biked past one it was like passing through a blast of AC. Crazy how much water can keep things cooler. We stopped beside one to rest, and the sock hung out and cooled off for a minute too.

Because this was an old railroad line, the trail never got steep. I didn't realize how high up we were until all of a sudden we turned a bend in the trail and were suddenly looking down at the river we'd been beside only an hour earlier.

We also went over bridges as the trail hopped from one side of the river to the other. Some of the bridges were big and very high up.

The sock rather enjoyed the bridges, as you can see. It is a very adventurous sock, getting right up on the edge there.

We reached Ohiopyle right around lunchtime only to discover that the storm from Friday night had evidently gone easy on Perryopolis, but hadn't held back as it moved east. Ohiopyle was still without power. Later on we would see downed trees, but the trail at this point was still pretty clear.

We made good time from Ohiopyle down to Confluence, where we made our way over to Confluence House and checked in. After another clawfoot-tub-shower we went for dinner. The socks met some ducks. The ducks were not particularly impressed with the sock.

After dinner, we walked to the river and dipped our toes in. The sock sat on another rock. Because, you know, it didn't get to do enough of that already that day.

Then we went back to Confluence House where the sock met another knitter who had checked in while we were at dinner. I didn't get much chance to talk to here, but she was knitting very pretty colorwork gloves in what appeared to be Knitpicks City Tweed DK in a dark purple and lighter grey. I love coming across other knitters in the wild.

We called it a night pretty early, because we had a big day ahead of us. Tomorrow, the sock sees (and smells) farmland, crosses the Salisbury viaduct, and makes it to Meyersdale.