Random Random

It's getting late and I still don't have a post ready for today, so instead we're just going to do a list of five random things. It's only the third day of November and I will not fail this early in the month. NaBloPoMo, you will be mine!

  • Today was trick-or-treating. Weather was super crappy on Wednesday, actual Halloween, so the city postponed the trick-or-treating hours until today. (sidenote: I'm still not used to the fact that the city dictates what hours kids can trick-or-treat) I didn't dress up, but I did throw on my Firefly-inspired Jayne hat. One mom accompanying her kids told me it was "cunning."
  • I made the most fantastically delicious chicken marsala for dinner tonight. It was so good that I'm sorely tempted to make it again for dinner tomorrow but am dissuaded from doing so because one, the rest of the chicken I bought is already marinating for tomorrows baked chicken dinner, and two, I'm out of mushrooms and onions anyhow and going to the grocery store on a Sunday is up there on my list of Things I'd Like To Do right after calculus, but just ahead of dental surgery.
  • I'm still knitting socks. I'm getting a little tired of knitting sock, but I do enjoy wearing socks. Sarah's socks are coming along nicely; I'm nearly at the heel.
  • I'm mostly working on them while I watch The Walking Dead. We just finished season 2 today, and I find it helpful to have my attention split between omgzombies and a chart. Keeps me from getting all tense over it. Tomorrow we're going to try to get caught up on season 3 and then we can start watching it along on tv.
  • We've also been going back and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I've seen nearly all of the episodes already, but completely out of order and a very long time ago. I've forgotten quite a lot of things about it and am enjoying it greatly.

Alrighty, there we go, and with 39 minutes to spare! See ya tomorrow, kids.