An Evening of Stardust

And two more weeks have somehow vanished. I think it's safe to say that this whole blog-post-every-day-for-a-whole-month thing is a great big fat failure. Can't say I'm overly surprised, though, and if you are then clearly you're new around these parts.

I've been knitting quite a bit, though. When last you left us (or I left you, rather, but who's splitting hairs here anyhow?) we had finished one TARDIS sock, and had a teensy bit beyond the cuff of my Candy sock. As it stands now, the TARDIS sock has a mate that's just beyong its gusset decreases, and the first Candy sock is done, and the second Candy sock is most of the way down its foot. So this means that I just need to finish up both of those, and I'll have handily achieved my goal of knitting up six pairs of socks in time for winter. (Winter in Yarnia, by the way, begins precisely on the first of December, never mind when the actual date is or the fact that it's been cold enough for wool socks for a while now.) I'd also meant to be knitting an orange cardigan, which I don't think I've mentioned on the blog, and with good reason. The orange cardigan is nonexistent thus far, aside from a paltry five inches of left sleeve and, of course, the grand plans that exist only inside my head.

Now that I've got it laid out like this, I'm sort of ashamed that the "quite a bit" of knitting I've done turns out to be only a single pair of socks' worth, given the FIFTEEN DAYS I've had to do it in. In my defense, however, I've been busy. I worked this past weekend, and before that was Thanksgiving and all the cooking and cleaning in preparation that came along with it. And then before that was a Bayside concert. And then before that...

Before that, dear readers, before that was an Evening of Stardust with Neil Gaiman.

This is the 15th anniversary of the book Stardust, and in celebration Neil Gaiman has done what is essentially a one-stop book tour for it, and Pittsburgh happened to be the lucky city. The tickets were a birthday gift to me from Jason (thank you, darling!) and despite having to wait a whole three and a half months to put them to use, I think it was worth it! Neil Gaiman was pretty much exactly as I'd imagined he would be. He came out on stage, talked a bit about what it's like to tour and speak about his books, then talked a little more about how he came to write Stardust before reading us a passage from it. He's such a wonderful speaker to begin with, but when he began to read about Tristran and Victoria and the town of Wall and the falling star... the crowded auditorium fell away and I could just see everything.

The best part of it was that I got to hear the dialogue with all the inflections and subtle implications that Gaiman intended it to have. Wonderful, and now I'm sure when I give it a much-needed reread, I'll hear it told in his voice. Or, you know, I guess I could just go get the audiobook.

Neil Gaiman also read a bit from his forthcoming book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which won't be out until next June but I am now very very excited for. It sounds really fantastic, and again, for the part that he read aloud I was just there and now I'm left dying to see what happens next.

Of course then there was a short Q&A session, during which he gave some really fantastic answers to some truly mediocre questions, and then it was over.

An evening of stardust, indeed. Absolutely wonderful and I'm still just thrilled that I was there at all.