...and it's over

Well, almost. I have a couple of dishcloths that I'm finishing up for Nani and Mom, and Sarah's (Extremely) Belated Birthday Socks are still pretty much where they were before -- I did a few rounds on the plane down here but overall they're untouched.

Sarah's Jayne hat came out very well, though. I had not bothered to read the decrease instructions on the pattern and decreased the way I normally did, alternating decrease rounds with plain knit rounds, and couldn't figure out why the crown of the hat kept coming out too deep. Turns out the pattern instructions say to decrease every round, and once I got that figured out the rest of it came along nicely. She seemed to like it, and since she's off to the cold and frozen North this week, hopefully she'll get some use out of it.

Jason's mitts also came out very well (previously known as Secret Christmas Knitting Project #5. He really seems to enjoy them, and he'll get plenty of use out of them once we get back home to Pittsburgh.

And then he made the happy discovery that he can keep his hands warm and type at the same time! Very useful for when we're at home in our drafty house....

I ended up with plenty of yarn left over. I might be able to squeeze out a second pair. I'll weigh the remains of the skein when I get home to see just how much I have left over.

Secret Knitting Project #9 is completed and photographed, but has not yet been given, so that will be posted sometime later.

Mom's Tiger Triangle has been re-bound off, but now needs another blocking. Will probably take care of that tomorrow. Other than that I'm just knitting away on dishcloths, which is quick and mindless and a good way to unwind from the rush and stress of Christmas knitting. Will easily have those finished before I leave Florida.

And then I'll be free to knit whatever I want! I'm already planning out my next projects... Sarah's Birhtday Socks are definitely up there, as well as Katie's Boot Socks. But I'll also need bigger projects for when I'm at home. For Christmas I received the book Brave New Knits, which has been on my wish list for a while. I added it when I fell in love with the Origami Shrug by Melissa Wehrle.

And there are so many other patterns in here that I love! This is a really great book, with lovely glossy photos and 2-3 page introductions for each of the designers. I've decided that I'm definitely going to make a sweater from this book as one of my next projects, but haven't decided which yet. That's for the best, as most of these patterns are more "springlike" and I should be knitting something a bit warmer since we're just starting into the depths of winter in Pittsburgh and I won't be wearing short sleeves until at least May. So while I get that figured out, I'll definitely be working on my Clara Vest since I've already got the yarn for that. I think it'll be nice to wear over a long-sleeved tee, and since the Knitpicks City Tweed I bought for it is a heavy worsted, it'll be plenty warm.

In the meantime, I'm just glad to be able to knit without stressing over deadlines.