You know, for a blog with the word "bibliophile" in the title, I sure don't talk about books terribly often. I always keep meaning to change that, and then I just... don't.

It's not that I'm not reading, it's just that I'm not blogging about it. Well, that's going to change!

Last night I just finished up Simon R. Green's latest installment in his Nightside series: The Bride Wore Black Leather. Now, I have been reading Green's work for nearly a decade now. To say I'm a big fan of his writing would be putting it mildly. I love his Nightside books. The world is so vivid, the characters are so vibrant, but the books are light enough to be an afternoon's reading. But this latest one... I don't know, it just felt scattered and sort of disjointed. Like it was several separate novellas smushed together with the plots loosely pulled together at the end just for the sake of saying "Look! These events really are connected!"

Speaking of connecting things, Green has also been much more overt in referencing his own works than he used to. Even as of just five or so years ago, the references used to be vague. A character or a place mentioned in multiple series, or an off-hand comment that could be a self-reference if you tilted your head and squinted just right. But now there's blatant cross-overs of different characters, and other characters discussing events that happened in books from a different series. And yeah, it's just so... heavy-handed. Not that I'd ever accuse Green of being particularly subtle. But this is pushing it, even for him. Of course I'll stick with him, because I do still love his writing and his astounding creativity in developing setting and minor characters. But The Bride Wore Black Leather was the only book I've read by him where I was left feeling 'meh' about when I finished. The next book of his Secret Histories series comes out in June, so hopefully this was just a one-off thing for him.

Now I'm on to Down These Strange Streets, an anthology of urban fantasy short fiction. Simon R Green's name on the cover caught my eye initially, and I would have gotten it even if he was the only name I recognized. But it also includes contributions from Carrie Vaughn, Charlaine Harris, and M.L.N Hanover. And to top it off, it was edited by George R R Martin. I'm only four stories in, but am greatly enjoying it thus far.

In knitting news, I'm still working away on my Fibonacci scarf. I've got three feet of it now, and the striped sections are starting to get much longer, which is great as far as I'm concerned because that's less ends to weave in. Jason is currently playing through Mass Effect 3, so it's nice to have something mindless in my hands while I watch. Now that I'm no longer trying to re-teach myself how to knit, I'm not sure why I don't just jump on in to Honey Cowl territory. Maybe something about the fact that I'd have to cast on 300+ stitches has a little something to do with it... Just maybe. I really need to bite the bullet and get on with it, if I want to have any chance of wearing it before the weather gets too warm for it.

Speaking of warm weather, today the temperature hit a whopping 65 degrees. I was able to walk to lunch today without my coat. I drove in today with the car windows down just because I could. Of course, tomorrow it's supposed to rain and by Friday the high is back down to 41. I'm totally ready for summer. Long days, warm weather, can't happen soon enough to suit me! I'm counting the days until it's warm enough to drag the porch swing back out of storage. Nothing better than coming home after work on a warm summer evening, going for a run, then coming home and sitting out on the porch swing as the sun sets. Soon, my precious, soon...