I just realized that it's March. I mean, I knew that it was March, but I didn't realize what it being March actually meant. It means that I've handily accomplished my Knit From The Stash resolution! Well, mostly. I did buy yarn, but part of it was yarn for a commissioned Christmas gift that I'm not going to knit until summer probably because I'm a procrastinator like that, and I also bought the yarn for Jason's Valentine socks. But neither of those are for me, and I knit up the Valentine socks right away so it didn't languish in the stash, plus that was on sale. Are you buying any of this justification? Because it sounds pretty good to me. So, yes. New year's not-buying-new-yarn-for-2-months resolution: accomplished!

I am now into my "goal" of making it through the end of March without buying yarn and I think I can do it. I nearly fell down on that this past weekend when Jason stopped by the game store to preorder Mass Effect 3, and I went along because the LYS is right next door (handy!) and I got to browse. I nearly bought a skein of Dream in Color yarn to make this hat. It's from Wendy Johnson's latest book, Wendy Knits Lace and I am obsessed with it. It's cute and looks quick and the lace is pretty but still simple enough to memorize the pattern and I just want it want it want it! And this is even one of the few patterns where I want it exactly how it looks in the picture, but alas. The LYS was out of the colorway Cloud Jungle. The Good Luck Jade colorway was sort of close, but not close enough. So I left empty-handed but with my goal intact. Maybe if I make it through March, I'll buy a skein in April, as a reward for, uh, not buying yarn. Oh, irony.

Of course, knitting that hat may be setting me off down a slippery slope. My usual rule for buying a book of patterns is if there's 4-5 things in it that I want to make. Wendy's book? I want to knit ALL THE THINGS. And as if that's not temptation enough, a lot of the recommended yarns are Dream in Color. DiC is like my kryptonite. A shawlette in Classy? Yes please. A larger shawl made out of Smooshy? Why thank you, but won't that be nicer in Smooshy with Cashmere? There's only one pattern in the book that I don't want to make, that that's for a pair of sockweight mittens with a lace pattern down the back of the hand. I think they're pretty, but the practical side of me can't help but point out that if it's cold enough to wear mittens then it's too frigging cold to wear something with decorative holes all over it.

I have heard some complaints about this book that a lot of the patterns are "too easy" which I'm totally okay with. If I recall correctly, the Lace Stripe Scarf  was the one singled out in particular. But if you'll read the pattern description, you'll see it's aimed at a beginner. It's also one of the patterns on my list of things to make just because I enjoy mindless knitting, and I think this scarf is cute. (Probably won't knit it any time soon, though. Fibonacci has actually got me craving complex cables or charted lace. Maybe it'll give me the kick in the pants that I need to get me to finally finish SBBS.) I think everything in the book is adorable and I want to make everything, eventually.

For now, I still have plenty of other things that require my attention. I put another couple of inches into Fibonacci last night, and for some reason I just couldn't face it again tonight. I debated casting on my Honey Cowl, and even went so far as to dig out appropriately sized circs for it and start swatching before the phrase "cast on 300+ stitches" flittered through my brain and I set it aside again. I pulled out SBBS, took one glance at that stupid lace chart and shoved it away again. Finally I ended up dragging out my poor neglected raglan sweater, took a few minutes to decode exactly what the heck sort of decreases I did on the left sleeve and jot it down, then started knitting up the right one. Now that I've taken the guesswork (finally) out of making a sleeve that fits, it's just flying along. I suppose the bulky yarn and size US 10.5 needles don't exactly hurt that, either. I'll be looking forward to finally getting this thing out of the WIP drawer and into my closet. Maybe I can even wear it this weekend.

I'm sort of surprised I was able to settle back down with my poor unloved raglan so easily, actually. The Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Knitty just came out yesterday, and that usually marks the point where I'm ready to knit more summery lacy-type things. I'm pretty excited about this issue of Knitty. I especially love the Gemini Pullover -- short sleeves, lace, knit from cotton yarn. So summery. In the meantime, I've got this bulky beast of a raglan sweater to finish up. Sigh. At least the temperature's dropped enough again that I'll get some use out of it...