Things are looking up. Pyewacket is home and recovering nicely. She's very happy to be back though is somewhat less-than-pleased with the Elizabethan collar she's forced to wear, as well as not being allowed in the rest of the house. We've turned the spare bedroom into a little kitty recovery ward and that's where she gets to stay until she gets her stitches out on Tuesday. Other than being miffed at her confinement and new fashion, she's very loving and affectionate, is eating really well, and is even starting to get some of her energy back! She was playing a little bit today, but got tired pretty quick and curled up to get some more sleep.

The weather is also getting warmer. My garden is starting to bloom. Just the daffodils now, but the tulips are starting to come up. Of course, this is just letting me see all the bulbs I missed when I dug up the flowerbeds last fall and added the stone border. Sigh

Jason and I have been taking long walks around the neighborhood and I've been messing around with Instagram and taking some pretty neat pictures.

And in knitting news, well, still not a heck of a lot. Putting some more length on Fibonacci. Nearly done, there. Maybe this week.