A while ago I was posting about Jason's Big Blue Striped Blanket. I actually ended up finishing it a couple of months ago, perfectly timed for just as the weather got too warm for it to actually be of use. (story of my life, there) So far the only one willing to use it is the cat, but he's under the impression that I made it for him anyhow, so there we go.

Currently the blanket is spread out over the back of the sofa. A few weekends ago we rearranged the living room so that the sofa is no longer against the wall, and unfortunately the slipcover we have on it doesn't fit properly and doesn't quite cover the back. The reason we have the slip cover is because the sofa is a rather alarming shade of Crayola red. I'd be okay with a red couch, but the cushions that come along with it are a checkerboard pattern of gold, red, green, and blue. It's very strange. But since a) the couch was free, and b) the couch is comfortable, and c) new couches are expensive, it stays. Plus, ill-fitting though it may be, the slipcover is made of some odd velour-like fabric that actually repels cathair. (omg, yes, I know!!) Seriously, no vacuuming necessary, I just have to swipe my hand over the arms every few days and the cat fur comes right off. That's worth a lot to me.

Soon I'm going to have to figure out something else to disguise the back of the sofa. (Something that doesn't involve crocheting another afghan, although I'll admit that was my first reaction. Then I came to my senses.) The weather is beginning to change and I'm sure Jason will be reclaiming his blanket soon.

I'm very happy about the season beginning to change. The cooler weather always inspires me to knit more. I always lose interest during the summer, because really, who wants to have a big wool project draped across their lap during 80-90 degree weather. But when the highs are in the 60s? Suddenly having an afghan-in-progress doesn't seem so bad. Also, knitting hats and gloves is much more appealing since I can wear them right away instead of having to pack them away to wait for a few months. I'm still obsessing about the Commuter Fingerless Mitts. I'm also thinking about making another go at my awful blue hat that I finally accepted that the universe didn't want me to have. Why I'm even considering this,  don't know. Not enough other drama in my life, I suppose. Either that or the madness of autumn is already fully upon me. This happens every year. It involves a bad case of startitis, a worse case of over-ambition, and a severe deficit of realism. This condition culminates in the frantic Christmas knitting I find myself in the midst of every year without fail.

Right now it's not bad. I've just got an urge to knit fingerless mitts and hats, and excitement at finally being able to wear my cooler-weather clothes. This finally motivated me to finish up my Citron shawl, which has been "finished" for a while, but still needed a blocking and to have the ends woven in.

I plan on wearing it tomorrow. I wore it around the house a bit already, and I love it. The Malabrigo laceweight is soft and warm, but thin and light enough to not be stifling. This will be a perfect transitional weather piece.

And, by request, the Epic Wedding Shawl Adventure as it is right now.


It would appear that I have not knit a shawl, but instead a very elaborate beekeeper's veil. Thanks to an epic knitting session last weekend, and quite a bit of knitting this weekend as well, I'm over halfway through the final lace section, then I just have to do the border, bind off, and block the sucker. I'm hoping that it grows a bit with blocking, because at this point it doesn't look like it's going to be as big as I was aiming for. If it doesn't grow enough, well, I'll let that bridge collapse out from under me when I come to it. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts...