Right now, I am sitting on my sofa, watching the Steelers game and knitting away on Epic Wedding Shawl. The only thing ruining my otherwise perfect night is the unfortunate knowledge that today is Sunday, which means that tomorrow is Monday and the start of my week. I haven't had a weekend.

Friday, I cleaned my house and got caught up on chores. Saturday I worked and then came home and planted daffodil and tulip bulbs in my front garden. The previous owners had planted these odd scruffy bush things randomly in front of the house, and we finally got around to digging them out and replanting there. Doesn't look like anything now, but it'll be lovely in the spring. Today, I worked, then came home and went for a run before throwing some laundry in the washer and settling in for the game. Whew.

Epic Wedding Shawl is coming along. I have three more lace pattern repeats before the edging. Nothing exciting to report there.

Because pictureless posts are boring, here's something I took a day or so away from Epic Wedding Shawl to make. I did a swap, and this little bookmark is something I made for my swap assignment.

I'm very pleased with them. Just basic cuff-down socks knit in a small amount of Knitpicks Stroll in the colorway Sprinkle Heather, and attached with a length of crochet chain. They worked up fast, and little things are so cute. I bet these would make nice Christmas ornaments. Maybe I could add some of those to my list...