Whew, it's been a while.

So apparently I still suck at this whole blogging consistently thing. In my defense, it's been kind of crazy around Yarnia lately. I haven't even had much time for knitting, never mind constructing super awesome posts about my knitting. Anyhow, let's get us caught up.

Here is a much better picture of Epic Wedding Shawl, in action, no less! It came in very handy, as the day was a little chilly so warm shoulders were definitely a plus. I'm very pleased with the finished size and am very glad I ended up adding those extra rows.

I've also finished up Jason's Socks. I did quite a bit of knitting on those while in Tampa, and had all but the second sock's toe finished by the time we came back up North. Jason's been wearing them pretty much non-stop and keeps telling me how warm they are. So, yay converting someone to the wonders of handknit wool socks! Unfortunately, though he hasn't explicitly stated so, I know that he wants more pairs now (and will in fact need new pairs if he keeps wearing these like he does!) so that's something else I've got to get on. Luckily, worsted socks work up quickly, and after the mad dash of Christmas Knitting is over, it should be a simple matter to sit down and bang out a couple more pairs. I'm going to go for something a little nicer than Paton's next time, but am entirely unsure as to what... Suggestions for a soft, durable worsted weight wool yarn would be welcome.

But for now, these will do just fine...

(Just disregard BastardCat the Magnificently Annoying. Bitter about being woken up at 7AM on a Saturday? Me? Of course not!)

I've also gotten a good start on Sarah's Belated Birthday socks. I'm really not used to knitting a sock in a pattern, and it's pretty slow going. I'm about 2/3 down the leg of the first one. Heel should go quickly, and I expect the foot will be easier since half of each round is plain stockinette. I'm using ToshSock in Tart, and it's such a lovely color. It's dark now, so I'll wait until I've got natural sunlight tomorrow to take a picture of it that even comes close to showing just how pretty it is. Also did a little more work on Mom's Tiger Triangle scarf. I've been using that to help me get through the very fiddly Secret Christmas Project I'm currently plowing through. It's knit at a tight gauge and is pretty finicky, so I set it aside every so often to relax a bit with some mindless easy stockinette.

In other news, we've finally replaced our windows. I could not possibly be more thrilled about this. The previous windows were original to our little 1920s house. They were more than ready to be replaced... some didn't open, some didn't stay open, and none of them sealed properly and so let in lots of cold air in the winter and insects in the summer. I'm still pleasantly surprised every time I walk by a window and don't shiver in the sudden draft. Already the house feels so much warmer, and I do believe that this will be the most comfortable winter yet in this house.