I've been "relaxing"

It's been a while since I've posted, and I apologize for that. I've been pretty busy lately, which is funny because I've actually had quite a bit of time off... I had a three day weekend last weekend, which was nice, and then I'm using my floating holiday for New Year's today for another three day weekend. And what have I been doing with all this time off?

I've been "relaxing."

Even though I've started both of my days off with every intention of being a lazy, lazy girl, that hasn't actually happened. It turns out that I've been very productive instead -- and it's funny because I feel as calm and unwound as if I had spent the day lolling about. I've gotten a ton of laundry done, I've made lots of soup and tomato sauce with meatballs, most of which went into the freezer for easy weekday meals. I've been serving up home cooked meals every night (that's one New Year's Resolution I'm getting ahead of!). I've been organizing all the things -- the yarn room got a big clean-out and reorganization, as did all my knitting patterns.

My mom made me this really great binder to store my patterns in, since I print out/photocopy the pattern for anything I make so I don't have to lug a book around with me. So I had this big pile of charts and instructions all jumbled together in a folder, and on Monday I finally got around to sorting it out and getting it squared away. The binder came to me with tons of dividers, those clear plastic sleeves to put the pages in, and this indescribably awesome bit of cross-stitching slipped into the front. I love it.

So now all of my patterns are organized away which will make my life much less stressful the next time I need to go searching for a chart.

While there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting lately, there has been some, which I might as well write about.

Katie tried on the first of her bootsocks, and announced that it fit well, so I've got the second one started. Not too far along, but I haven't worked on it much except for a little on Saturday night during the last D&D session. The mindlessness of the 3x1 ribbing is great for play.

I've also started on the pair of socks for Nani. I am absolutely loving how the green and white look together. It's so charming that I am tempted (sorely tempted) to finish them up and keep them for myself. But I know how much she will love them, so that's what will get me to package them up and ship them off to their new home.

This was also my first go at a short-row heel. I'm still undecided whether or not I like it more than my usual heel flap/turn. The short row heel is a little roomier, but it did require less counting (though I still managed to botch my first attempt at it since I insisted on wrapping and turning stitches that I'd already wrapped and turned, but only on the purl side so of course it came out wonky and lopsided...) I think it looks nicer for two-colored socks like this, but it doesn't seem as sturdy as a heel flap does. So, I don't know. I'll probably end up only using it for socks with two colors or socks with stripes that I don't want to interrupt the striping for, which is to say not too terribly often.

Still, it was nice to learn something new.

And since no post is complete without the obligatory picture of BastardCat and he didn't indulge me by inserting himself into any shots, here we go.

He spent a good chunk of the afternoon parked there (on top of the paper shredder (which, yes, is safe and unplugged) which confuses me because there's a small stool right next to him.) There are big black birds (crows? ravens?) hanging out in a tree by the neighbor's back yard, and he's glued to them. It's funny because whenever they fly up, he flinches and hunkers down beneath the window sill, and if they stay put for a while he gradually stretches up to get a better view.

It's been a lovely day outside, which I only say because I've spent the day indoors. Though it was in the high teens/low twenties and there is a good coating of snow on everything, the sky was blue for most of the morning and early afternoon so I opened all the blinds and soaked up all of that wonderful sunshine that I could. Tonight another winter storm is supposed to move in that will dump out another 3-5 inches of snow over the next day and a half, and -- the part that worries me most -- a quarter of an inch of ice.

To battle this, I've got no plans to be anywhere except on my sofa with my knitting in hand and all of the ingredients to throw together a pot of potato leek soup. In case we lose power, something that happens on this street more than I'd like, I did a big load of laundry that included lots of warm blankets and we bought new batteries for the flashlights. I don't think that I'll really need it, since the worst of the storm isn't going to be moving in until late tonight when it will be just about bedtime anyhow, but I'd rather be over-prepared and feeling a bit sheepish that be underprepared and very very sad.

But for now it's overcast but nothing's coming down yet, and I've got a cheerful green sock that's in need of an inch more foot and a cute white toe. Jason will be home soon, and then there will be hot soup and probably a movie to watch and lots of knitting to get done. And our house will be cozy and warm with snuggly cats lurking around while the weather outside worsens. I think it's going to be very relaxing.

The real sort of relaxing.