Happy Windsday, Piglet!

Sitting here near the window, watching the clouds gliding overhead, watching the stubbornest of the dead leaves shivering on the near-bare branches of the trees, watching the birds fight their way through the air. Every so often, the wind moans against the window or flings my stormdoor open against the side of the house. The cats jump  every time it happens. This takes me back to years ago in Florida, listening to the wind wailing through the mail-slot in the front door

It's been a rather lovely Friday off so far. Got up as late as BastardCat would allow me to sleep in (not as late as I wanted, he started his shenanigans at 9:30) and then I read for a while until Jason came by to pick me up and take me out to lunch and we got really cheap Hibachi at a place that just opened near his work. Then I came home and cleaned up the house a bit and now I've sat down near the window to work up a blog post cause it's been a while and all. Then I plan on reading some more and later this evening we've got a D&D session planned.

While I had my computer out, I stopped by to browse a few other knitting blogs to sort of spark my blogging creativity. I've always been influenced very strongly by what others do. Always have been, always will be. And the best way to get me to put together a blog post is to stop by a couple of other blogs on the same topic, because that always makes me want to do what they did.

So, naturally, when I stopped by Mason-Dixon Knitting and saw that Kay has just posted pictures of her Honey Cowl #5 and purchased yarn for her Honey Cowl #6, at some point while drooling over all the lovely pictures and how nice it turned out I decided that I needed a Honey Cowl of my very own. And then I started thinking about how the lovely but simple texture would be great for showing off a variegated yarn. And the next thing I knew, I went digging around in The Stash and pulled out this...

Yep, that's one of my precious, precious skeins of Wollmeise, purchased from the brick-and-mortar Wollmeise store when I was in Germany for my honeymoon a year and a half ago. If you'll recall, as my birthday present Jason took me in there and let me spend a somewhat frightening amount of Euros -- I say only "somewhat" because we'd managed to time things so we were there during their summer sale when they slash the prices to get rid of skeins that are slightly underweight or have a knot or are otherwise undesireable in some way. I bought two skeins of the 80/20 Twin, four skeins of the 100% Wool, and one hank of laceweight with enough yardage that I'm pretty sure I could knit a cosy for my refrigerator out of it. (Seriously, 1700 yds. The hank is practically the size of my head.)

Since then, those poor skeins have been languishing away in the depths of The Stash. Whenever I go diving into the sockweight bin, I take them out and admire them and, I admit this at the risk of sounding like a real weirdo, I give them a sniff because the smell of the Wollmeise store still lingers on them. It is a magical smell. BastardCat agrees. Mmm, Wollmeise....

Ahem. Anyhow. Moving on.

Since then, as I was saying, those poor skeins of precious, precious Wollmeise have been lying alone and neglected (though very much loved) in The Stash, watching sadly as I come by to take away those skeins of Knitpicks Imagination for a Baktus, or that skein of Aisling Yarns to become Boneyard, or that Malabrigo Lace for my Citron, or even that Knitpicks Stroll in Sprinkle Heather to make my sock marker. I bet that one especially stung, how could I possibly choose that common less-than-$5-a-skein hussy-yarn over you, right??

Well, I'd love to knit with you, dear Wollmeise. But once I do, then you will be gone. Gone forever. I feel like I need to take my time and find The Perfect Pattern for each skein of it, to really get the most out of it.

I know in my head how ridiculous this is. Yes, I have a small stash of Wollmeise, and yes, it is difficult to get more, but it's not impossible. All I need to do is wait for a Friday update and order it online. And yes, once I knit it up then I will not have it anymore, but it's not like the minute I finish binding off it will disappear -- I'll end up with a lovely FO to keep and wear and love. And as far as finding The Perfect Pattern? Yes, I want a Finished Object that I'm going to absolutely love knit up in a pattern that showcases everything Wollmeise has to offer, but if I don't like how something is looking or, heaven forbid, I finish it completely and it doesn't look right then? I rip out the whole thing and start over. That's the wonderful thing about yarn and knitting: it can always be undone.

I know all of this, but still I was still waiting for a pattern to speak to me.

And lo, Honey Cowl has spoken.

I have not cast on yet. I haven't even wound up my skein of yarn into a centerpull cake yet because I'm sure once I do I'm going to cast on right away. I want to finish Jason's Valentine socks (the first of which is done already and #2 is rapidly heading for the heel!) as well as the second sleeve on my raglan sweater. So, hopefully the first week of March.

I did not, however, put that skein of Wollmeise back in The Stash. It's sitting on my knitting table where I can gaze lovingly upon it. I certainly can't toss it back in with its fellow Wollmeise skeins; I think they'd turn on it out of sheer jealously for being the first Chosen One of their lot.

Fear not, Wollmeise, fear not. Someday your turn will come too. I just need to find a pattern first.