So, it's been a while again. Life has been kind of crazy and very stressful. I feel like that excuse is starting to wear a little thing, but hey! so are my nerves.

Pyewacket has been in the kitty hospital for nearly a week now. Weekend before last we noticed she wasn't eating much and not quite as active, and by Tuesday morning she wasn't eating hardly at all, so in to the vet she went. Turns out she'd munched on the bristles of our broom and swallowed a piece that poked through her insides and set off an infection. After surgery to remove the piece, she's now doing much better, though still not home yet. We're hoping soon! It was very worrying for a while, but (knock on wood) I think this adventure is going to have a happy ending.

The good part of worry? I needed something mindless in my hands so the Fibonacci scarf has gotten lots of work. This weekend it was warm enough to sit out on my porch and work on it for a while, and that's what I did on Sunday morning -- I sat out there with a mug of tea and my knitting and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. I'd love to get the porch swing out there, but we have a visitor.

This mama bird shows up every spring and hangs out here until her babies are big enough to fly off. I don't mind her so much, but she poops all over everything, and since my porch swing hangs just beside the column she's picked out for herself... yeah. So until she's gone and my porch swing is safe, I'll just keep dragging my chair outside.

I tried to take BastardCat out there with me this weekend. He really really REALLY wants to go outside, so we got him a leash and harness and he's willing to tolerate it if he gets to be out of the house. So I hooked him up and tied the end of my leash to the chair so he couldn't wander off. Well, BastardCat was having none of that. He wandered over to the edge of the porch and, before I could move to stop him, squeezed between the slats of the railing and jumped down, using his momentum and weight to wrench himself free of the harness, and took off for the neighbor's house. I caught up with him in their backyard and picked him up and tossed him back in the house, where he spent the next hour lurking around the storm door in the hopes that it would open and he could sneak out again. He's awful. And utterly unrepentant.

Still, I was able to ignore him and put another six inches on Fibonacci. That's pretty much all I've been working on lately. I haven't touched Boneyard in about two weeks, and despite needing only another four or five inches plus cuff, I still haven't finished my raglan sweater. Now that it's too hot to wear a big bulky thing like that, my motivation for getting it done has dropped to zero. Typical. I think I need to force myself to finish it anyhow so if the temperature happens to dip low enough I can get at least one wear out of it before packing it away for the summer.

And then I need to start on some warm-weather knitting.