Springtime and the Return of the Wacket

We're officially into springtime now, and unlike years past when I look outside at the grey skies and the snow and I'm still bundling myself into a winter coat/gloves/hat/scarf to set foot outside, this year it actually feels like spring. The sun is shining, the mama bird is back, there were several days I wore a t-shirt to work last week, and my flowers have really started to bloom...

...along with everything else in that bed. Oops, guess I need to get out there and weed it.

Most importantly (and completely unrelated to springtime) is the return of Pyewacket. Though she came back home week before last, she was still recovering and (quite understandably) was not really herself. On Tuesday she got her stitches out and we let her out of the spare bedroom, which she seemed to think was a kitty prison. Now she's gained back most of her weight, she doesn't have to wear that awful collar anymore, she's been very playful and affectionate, and most telling of all, she's reclaimed her favorite napping spot on the bed.

Jason and I are both very relieved to have her back to normal with this whole broom-munching adventure safely behind us.

In knitting news, I've just finished up Fibonacci. The jury's still out on whether or not I'm going to add fringe to it. I think I've got enough yarn left over to do that, but I haven't yet sat down and figured it out for sure. I've got plenty of time, since I'm not going to be able to wear it until November or December anyway. Anyhow, it's been a nice and relaxing project and it's certainly served its purpose well through all my stress. But now I'm looking for something a bit more challenging.

Unfortunately I'm looking at the next projects I've got queued up and I'm not seeing anything particularly challenging ahead. There's:

  • Boneyard, which is mostly stockinette.
  • Larch, which I finally chose for that Dream in Color Knitosophy -- it's a garter stitch triangle with a garter stitch feather-and-fan border.
  • Honey Cowl, which is alternating rows of stockinette and stockinette with slipped stitches.

Other projects I've got planned but am not quite set up for include: my Tardis Socks (a little bit of colorwork), plain vanilla socks for that skein of Cascade Superwash in Hawaiian Nights as well as my skeins of Knitpicks Stroll in Time Traveler and Rainbow, and Clara Vest (all garter stitch). And then there are Sarah's Belated Birthday Socks which I may be driven to in desperation. I think those complicated lace charts will scratch this itch I've got.

The thing I am really craving, however, is cables. Lots of complex meandering cables. A big sweater's worth of 'em. I'm resisting on this because A) I don't have a cabled sweater's worth of yarn and don't want to buy more, especially what with Wacket's Broom Adventure putting a dent in my bank account, and B) It was 80 out earlier this week, why would I do with a cabled sweater now, though to be fair I probably wouldn't finish it until next winter anyhow, and C) I'll start off merrily enough and then ten rows in I'll have managed to screw up all the charts and frog it a bunch and I'll have remembered how much I hate cables and be ready to use the knitting needles to poke my own eyes out and there will be lots of swearing and possibly tears and then Jason will give me That Look and I don't want to get That Look.*

I should just stick with those damn socks.

 *That Look says oh-so-precisely and without any words necessary "Sometimes I'm not at all sure why you do this to yourself. You claim you knit to relax but right now you look ready to scream and pitch that thing out the window, needles and all. Maybe you should set that aside for a little while, or perhaps take up a more relaxing hobby."