Black Hole

The Epic Wedding Shawl has officially reached the black hole point -- that disheartening point where I knit and knit and knit and my project doesn't get any bigger. It's been at that point for a while now, if I'm being truly honest. This thing has swallowed the last 200 yards of yarn without so much as a by-your-leave, never mind actually bothering to gain noticeable width. But I've been here before, with every big project I've ever done, and so I kept plugging away at it, calmly knitting away and feeding it more yarn because I know that all of a sudden it will go from not-big-enough to hurrah-it's-nearly-done! in what feels like an instant. I just have to wait for that magical moment...

Well, Epic Wedding Shawl is having none of that. Epic Wedding Shawl has apparently decided to quit playing nice, and has taken a lesson from the rest of my knitting on how to screw with me. I should have seen this coming, I really should have. Everything else with this project has been going well. Aside from one hiccup that cost me about two inches pretty early on (on the 144 stitch rounds -- I only lost about an evening's worth of knitting on that one...) there has been no drama.

  • I have enough yarn -- close to twice what I need, actually, since I'm an idiot who cannot do math.
  • I have plenty of time in which to finish this -- I was worried about this for a while, but it's always surprising to see how much progress I make when I limit myself to a single project. I know, crazy talk, right?
  • I'm having no trouble with the pattern -- three lace charts, none of which are challenging, and the pi shawl is very simply constructed.

Sure I've reached the black hole portion of this knitting project and it feels like no matter how much work I do it's not getting any bigger and I feel like I'm going to be knitting this shawl and nothing but this shawl for the rest of my life, but that's nothing new and I've been here before, right?


See, I'm running out of pattern. Epic Wedding Shawl is not getting any bigger, but I'm running out of pattern. I've got another eight rounds in the last lace section, and then the edging, and then I'm done. And this thing is nowhere near big enough. I'm freaking out a little over this, to be honest. I don't understand how this is happening.

But I have a month and a half before The Big Day to figure this out. I'm going to finish this last lace section, and then I'm going to thread the whole thing on scrap yarn (a big pain in the ass) and block it to see how much it will grow. Then I will put the whole thing back on the needles (a bigger pain in the ass) and, if it does grow and I am satisfied with the size, will knit the edging and reblock. If it's definitely not big enough, well, there will be swearing, and several hours during which I comb Ravelry and my stitch dictionaries for a suitable lace pattern to make up an extra section, more swearing while I try to calculate how long this new section should be and where I should place the next round of increases (remember, me and math...) and then I will knit the edging and reblock.

So this is annoying, but not a crisis. Yet, anyway. As I said, I still have a month and a half to make this work. I have plenty of time. I can do this.

Still, a little bribery never hurt anyone, eh? I took Epic Wedding Shawl out to a concert tonight. Here we are listening to Jonathan Coulton, who opened tonight for They Might Be Giants.


Yeah, we didn't have the best seats, but we had a good view and it was certainly better than another night of us sitting in front of the tv, with me measuring you every few rounds only to mutter "why isn't this damn thing getting any effing wider??!" Right? Right?

So play nice so I can finish you? Pretty please? There's a vacation to Florida in it for you at the end of this.

In the meantime, I skeined up some sock yarn (just to take the edge off, man) and have been browsing patterns for Sarah's Belated Birthday Socks. I started one, but it didn't do justice to the fabulous yarn I bought. (Madeline Tosh sock in the colorway Tart) so I ripped it out and it's sitting in a pretty little cake waiting to be reknit. I've got it narrowed down to two, and I'm hoping to make a decision soonish. And the first sunny day coming up, I'm going to take some pictures because the crappy cloudy-day cellphone shots of it I've taken so far do not do it justice.

Soon, my precious, soon...

What's that, Epic Wedding Shawl? Erm, no, I was talking about you. Totally. All you. You're my one and only, dontchaknow.