First Day of Autumn

Life is pretty darn good right now. The temperature is holding steady in the upper 60s, the leaves are just beginning to change on the trees just outside my windows, the day is drizzly and grey, and since I'm working this weekend I've got nowhere to be so I'm able to enjoy the rain from the comfort of home, secure in the knowledge that I don't have to go out in it. So far today I've gotten a lot of housework done, and now I'm enjoying a little bit of relaxing before I finish up my housework with vacuuming and some laundry. (exciting life I lead, no?)

Things in Yarnia are equally (un)exciting, which is a good thing. I got Epic Wedding Shawl back on the needles in just one episode of Warehouse 13, and I've been chugging away at it. Progress on it is slow but steady, and in just a few repeats of the lace pattern I'll be ready to move along to the edging. I can't wait to get this thing off the needles for good. I'm aiming to having it finished in the next couple of weeks, leaving me plenty of time for blocking. I am really looking forward to blocking it; blocking lace is always magical, and I can only imagine that the thrill I get from seeing a garbled mess of wool transform into a delicate swath of lace will be multiplied from starting out with a larger garbled mess.

After the demise of Epic Wedding Shawl, I'm going to be jumping right into Christmas Knitting. My plan last year of "I ain't knittin' nuthin' for nobody!" backfired when I determined that yes, indeed, I was going to knit things came in the second week of December. This year, I thought to myself, I will plan ahead! I will get the jump on Christmas Knitting and not be taken by surprise. This appears to be backfiring on me as well, because I keep adding projects to my list. "Eh, it's no big deal to add **insert whatever** since I've got plenty of time!"

Well, so far I'm at 15 items (including Sarah's Belated Birthday Socks) for sure, and another 2 "if I have time for it." Granted, only two of those projects are things that will take me a longer time to make. I managed to keep my sanity enough to plan out projects that are either A) smaller, B) in thicker yarn, or C) all of the above. So I should be okay as far as deadlines go. It is, however, going to make for some very boring blogging since I know some of the recipients do read this, so I won't be able to post pictures of pretty much anything. There's some things that I'm planning on mailing out early, since they're Christmas-related and I want the recipient to enjoy them right away instead of having to pack them away until next year.

So, difficult, but I'm pretty sure it's doable. After the seemingly-endless monogamy of Epic Wedding Shawl, I'm ready to go through a variety of quicker projects, especially since the excitement of getting Epic Wedding Shawl pinned to the blocking board will be great motivation. As well as the pile of yarn I've got set aside for Christmas Knitting. Some of it I'm just dying to play with.

We'll see how this goes...