Weekend o' knitting

It's been a very busy weekend, knitting-wise. It's always amazing just how much I can get done when I actually, you know, knit?

Saturday,  I started off with an LSG meetup, which was pretty great. I got some work done on Secret Christmas Knitting Project #4, which is now about a quarter of the way done, and Not-so-Secret Christmas Knitting Project #3, which is complete!

It's a square of tunisian simple stitch with a three round border of single-crochet, and a loop on one corner for hanging it on stuff. Pretty happy with the way the yarn worked up, and yay having one Christmas project down! Only a-number-larger-than-I-feel-comfortable-thinking-about left to go!

While hanging out with friends and a pretty awesome D&D one-shot session, I started this since it's simple and mindless, and Epic Wedding Shawl was still not playing nicely.

(You'll notice Ozzy lurking about. She kept trying to make off with the unknit ball, but I valiantly defended my wool and thwarted her vile efforts at yarn-thievery!)

It's a basic triangle shawl knit in Knitpicks Stroll Handpaint in the colorway Tiger. When I get near the end, I'm going to put a fairly simple lace pattern along the edges for the border. This'll be a gift (Not-so-Secret Gift #6) for my mother. Giving each other animal-print things is something of a running joke between us, and when I saw this colorway available, I absolutely could not resist ordering it. It's been languishing in The Stash for a while as I tried to figure out what to make with it, and finally I just asked her what she would like. She requested a triangle shawlette, so here we are.

It's gone into hibernation at least until the next time I need something mindless to work on, but I have to admit that it's been all I can think about. I am so incredibly charmed by how the colorway is working up. I was afraid there would be all sorts of awful pooling, as I experienced with the Knitpicks Imagination yarn, but the color sequences are so short that I'm not really having any trouble with that, and I'm happy with how random it's coming out. When this yarn was in a hank and then a yarncake, it mostly looked orange and black with some mild color variations mixed in. But knit up, all the subtly different shades of orange are coming out, and there's even a bit of brown in it. Love love love.

I dutifully managed to put it away this afternoon in favor of spending some more quality time with Epic Wedding Shawl. After the earlier failed attempts at the set-up round for the lace border section I finally gave up on any pretense of being able to focus or count. I got a needle and threaded it with a bit of scrap sock-weight yarn to use as an easily insertable/easily removable stitch marker. I counted out nine stitches, inserted the darning needle and scrap yarn, knit that repeat, removed the scrap yarn, counted the next nine stitches, and threaded the darning needle through again. Rinse and repeat for 576 stitches. Tedious, but I finally FINALLY ended up with the correct number of stitches. I don't want to come out and say that it's going to be smooth sailing from here, because that would be stupid and just asking for disaster to strike. But I do have high hopes of getting this sucker done by next weekend.

I know I'm consistently over-ambitious, but I feel that I'm not being unreasonable about this. (Knock on wood.) But just to show that I didn't completely regain my sense of reason and logic, I stopped by the yarn store on Friday afternoon and picked up a few skeins of yarn for another Secret Christmas Project I tacked on the list last-minute. Very excited about this new project, since it involves double-knitting and I've never done that before.

It just now occurs to me that trying a brand new technique for a project with a deadline might not be the wisest idea I've ever had. Hmm...

While I was there, since it's the annual inventory sale at Natural Stitches, I grabbed a skein of Dream in Color Knitosophy in the colorway Blossom. DiC is absolutely my most favoritest yarn ever in the whole wide world. Soft and squishy and the colors are just gorgeous. Anyhow, I absolutely could not resist this yarn...

All the hot pinks and bright oranges... though it's a bit more subtle than this in person, or else I have a very different dye lot that this picture I just grabbed online. Mine has those shockingly bright colors intermingled with softer peachy shades. Anyhow, I'm using it as my own personal bribe yarn for finishing Christmas knitting. I can play with this when I finish with that. It's just a bonus that by the time I finish my Christmas Knitting, I'll be into Winter with its gloomy grey days and early nightfall, and something bright and cheery will be exactly what I'm craving.

But for now, the weather is mild, the leaves on the trees are just beginning to burst into color, and I've got a date with another round or two of Epic Wedding Shawl before I call it a night.