Christmas Catch-Up

Here we go. First off is my Secret Knitting Project #9, that double-knitting disaster I've been whining about on and off since the start of the month.

A set of Star Trek themed potholders for a friend of mine who seemed to like them just as much as I suspected he would (since he's the one who linked me to the pattern in the first place...)

I'm very pleased with how they turned out, and all of the ripping out of stitches and muttered swear words and failed attempts at learning this #$%$#&%! technique are totally worth it. I especially love how squooshy and thick they turned out, and am very tempted to make another set of them for myself with a different picture. I'm doing my best to let that urge pass quietly, because I strongly suspect that doing it again so soon would be the path to madness.

I also finished all three dishcloths I was trying to get done before leaving Florida. Sadly, I didn't remember to take any pictures of them completed, nor did I remember to take a picture of Mom's Tiger Triangle. So, no photos there.

In need of something blessedly simple and mindless, I cast on for a Boneyard Shawl for the flight home. Here's where I was at the start of the flight:

And here's where I was when we landed:

The yarn is Aisling Yarns sockweight, and it's playing a lot nicer with the pattern than I expected it would. (aside from the two longish splotches near the top...) It came in a hank, and when I untwisted it to wind it up, I saw that it had been dyed in very even quarters, with 1 and 3 being green and 2 and 4 being brown. I thought there would be tons of horrible pooling, but since I'm pretty live-and-let-live when it comes to colors doing odd things, I cast on anyhow, and was pleasantly surprised to see that for the most part the colors seem to be spreading themselves out nicely. We'll see if it continues behaving this well.

Yesterday I spent settling back into everyday life. Got caught up on laundry and housework, reassured my idiot cats that yes we really did come back and no we didn't really abandon them, and enjoyed my last day off from work for the holidays. A big part of that enjoying came from heading over to Natural Stitches, my LYS, and spending Christmas money on yarn.

First up is what I actually went in there to buy. One skein of Madeline Tosh Sock in the colorway Lapis, then two skeins of Cascade Heritage in white and black.

I think that's a pretty good TARDIS blue, yeah?

Next up is sale yarns. The green is Cascade 220 in Palm, and the blue is Cascade 220 Superwash Handpaints in Hawaiian Nights.

And lastly is something I didn't really intend to buy, but once I touched it, well, it was all over. I've been drooling over Paigewoods Farms Alyeska for a while now (about 2 years or so?) and, I don't know what happened, the 20% cashmere content overwhelmed me, and the colors, Duke, the colors. This green just screams "SPRINGTIME!!" at me, and I looked outside at the cloudy skies and thought that this lovely dose of color will be just what I need at the beginning of February when I am starting to go a little mad and half-convinced I will never see the sun again. I will pull out this yarn and knit it up, and the color will remind me that spring is just around the corner. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but it will probably be a scarf or shawlette... something I can wear close to my face because mmmm cashmere....

Then I spent a very enjoyable hour winding little yarncakes.

You'll see two skeins of Knitpicks Stroll in Lullaby on the left, for Katie's bootsocks. The green and white in the center is Cascade 220 for another pair of socks for my grandmother (green with white cuffs and heels and toees -- I think it will be charming.) And on the right is the Cascade 220 Superwash, for another pair of quick socks, and lastly the Dream in Color Knitosophy in Blossom that I bought for myself way back when as bribe yarn for Christmas knitting.

This will be enough to see me through January, and probably part of February as well, depending how many other projects I throw in there as well. I've also got Sarah's Belated Birthday Socks that I'm still working on as well, and the Boneyard Shawl I started too. Plenty to keep me occupied.

It's funny, I always think that once I get through the stress of Christmas Knitting, I'll want nothing more than a break from the needles. It seems that the opposite always happens, and I'm left wanting to knit more.