Happy Cinco de Mayo / Kentucky Derby / Saturday!!

Today was full of stuff. I managed to drag myself out of bed at a decent hour, run a few errands, and then come home and clean up the house some. I ended up going a bit overboard (as I tend to do from time to time) and parts of the dining room and living room got lots of cleaning and organizing, which they desperately needed. Then I placed a moderately large order from Webs. Yeah, I know. The last thing I need is more yarn. I know I said I was done buying yarn until my birthday. But it's all sale yarn, and only $20 of my somewhat embarrassing order is going to become something for me. The rest is all for stuff for other people. You can look forward to pictures, hopefully next week!

Then Jason and I settled in for the Kentucky Derby. His family always does a family bet on the race. With very few exceptions, the horses I pick come in last. Not just lose the race, but come in dead last. Almost. Every. Time. For this year's Derby? I picked Daddy Long Legs. He came in last, and was marked "DIS." At first I though that meant he was disqualified for something, but a quick Google search tells me that it actually stands for "distanced" which means he came in so far behind the lead horse that they didn't even bother to figure out how much he lost by. It was a lot. Anyhow, I wish people were able to bet on the losers because I'd have that nailed every time.

Anyhow, I thought to myself afterward, Self: You've been really productive today! You should make a blog post while you're on a roll! And then I realized that my knitting has been behaving lately. I just started knitting my Larch shawl, with no incident. I knit a pair of fingerless mitts (with no pattern!) before that, with no incident. And before that was three hats on a tight deadline, with no incident. And before that I was working on Boneyard, also with no incident. And before that was my raglan sweater, with, you guessed it, no incident! Other than my own laziness, that is. And before that... I don't even remember what I was working on, but since nothing's jumping out at me I'm willing to bet that it wasn't anything particularly traumatic.

And what happens when my knitting behaves? My blog gets boring. And when my blog gets boring, I have little motivation to post.

But I went forth with it anyhow and luckily the cats obliged me by lurking around when I tried to take pictures.

I laid out the scant beginnings of my Larch shawl on the bed to take a picture of it.

Then I noticed Pyewacket hanging around in the background. I think I was disturbing her mid-afternoon nap time.

Then Ozzy joined us on the bed. I could watch her poor little brain try to puzzle it out. On the one hand, there was this thing that looked like yarn and smelled like yarn. But on the other was this other thing that smelled like yarn, but didn't really look like yarn. A tough choice for a cat of very little brain. Of course, she chose the wrong one....

...and then realized that she chose poorly. But she could see the yarn, and it was right there...

...and because she could see it right there then that meant that all she had to do to get to it is walk forward, right? She's lucky she's got a pretty face because there's nothing behind it.

Anyhow, I spent the rest of the night relaxing on the couch with Jason and a movie. We watched The Adventures of Tintin and worked on my Larch shawl. And as I worked, I began to notice something: the knitted shawl is darker than the skein itself. You can sort of see it in the photos above, but not very well. It got more obvious as the shawl grew. At first I thought I was imagining things, but it became more and more obvious, and I still clung to the hope that I was being neurotic again. So I did what I do in all such situations and I asked Jason, and he confirmed that no, I'm not being crazy (at least not this time.)

I don't get this, I really don't. At first I thought maybe it's the garter stitch that just makes it appear darker, with the texture and blah blah blah shadows or something. But I've knit a lot of garter stitch and never seen the color alter that drastically. Has it always looked darker and I've somehow just never noticed?? Is this shawl out to get me? Have I finally just lost it completely when it comes to yarn? Or maybe one end of the yarn is darker than the other end? That seems unlikely to me, but no more unlikely than the garter stitch being to blame.

In any case, the yarn on the needles is markedly different from the yarn that's still in the skein. I can see it from where I'm sitting, staring at me. I guess I'll just keep knitting on it tomorrow and see where it takes me.

And note to self: next time I feel the urge to complain about my knitting being "boring" by behaving? Go jump in a lake.