More yarn...

I wish I knit faster, then maybe I'd have more to blog about...

Larch is progressing somewhat slower than I'd like it to. I absolutely love Dream in Color yarns -- I've made two projects with Smooshy as well as swatched with their Classy yarn. This is my first time knitting with their Knitosophy, and I'm finding it a bit rougher than I remember the Smooshy being. Is the Knitosophy really that different a base than the Smooshy? Did the dying process do something to make it scratchier? Is this just my imagination? Did I just get a weird batch?

Whatever the reason, I really hope that it will soften up after a wash, though I'd have to finish it first and that might be a while because when I knit with it, it's so rough it rubs a groove into my finger and it's uncomfortable to knit with for more than about half an episode of tv. Which is a real shame because fingering weight yarn worked in garter stitch on size 7 US needles means that this would otherwise be a pretty quick knit.

I'm also very close to finishing up Boneyard (finally!) and it will be very nice to get it off the needles. I took it down to Tampa with me on my last trip home and I got another couple of inches done after finishing up all those hats, then it also came with me when I went to the midnight showing of Avengers last Thursday night and that took me into the garter stitch edging. I think I've only got about a half a dozen more rows to go on it. So, yay nearly having another finished project!

I have more projects planned for the relatively near future:

  1. wrist cuff thingy for Sarah, because she requested one and it's something I think I can get done quickly, as opposed to her socks which I've had on the needles for almost six months now. She didn't give me a specific color, so I'm going to go buy some fancy buttons and then see what I can match them to from The Stash.
  2. rag rug. Jason has some undershirts that are nearing the end of their days. I usually reincarnate them as dustrags, but I've got enough of those and I had the brilliant idea to cut them into strips and then knit the strips into a rug. We'll see how this goes, since I've never tried this before.
  3. Sarah's socks. Of course. I'm going to wait until my next day off when I have no distractions, rent an audiobook from the library, then just sit down and put a frigging dent in them already. I think once I get past the lace-shaping-on-every-single-damn-round leg section and into the foot where the lace-shaping-on-every-damn-round is broken up by the stockinette sole, they'll move along faster. I'm nearly there. Just need to make myself actually do it.

And on top of that, my Webs order just came in. Yeah. Like I needed that.

So, starting at the left you can see we've got two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash in Shire, which is a deep heathered green that totally didn't show up well in this photo. It'll become socks for Dad. Then just below that is two skeins of Madeline Tosh DK in Truly Madly Deeply, and that'll become a scarf for a friend who's been very supportive throughout all the chaos that's fallen on my life lately. Beside that is three skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in the colorway Rue, which is a bit more greeny-blue that the photo looks, and that'll become a sweater for me. Lastly, we've got four skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool in Beige, which is going to become a Wash Sweater for Jason. (Happy birthday, darling!) I bought more than I needed, and the leftovers will probably become either a cropped sweater or a pair of socks, depending on what's left over. Of course, Oz very helpfully oversaw the unpacking and photographing of my order. All yarn has since been placed in catproof ziplock bags for its own protection.

The wool for the socks and my sweater got put away in the WIP drawer. (Which is technically more like the WIP-to-be drawer, but who's keeping track of those little details anyhow?) And because I am weak-willed I balled up one of the skeins of Cascade Eco Wool. It had kind of an odd odor to it, sort of plastic-chemically... unpleasant but not overpowering. I'm going to air out the rest of it in hanks, and see if that gets rid of the smell. If that doesn't work, I'll give it a soak in wool wash and hope that does the trick. Like I said, it's not that strong so I'm pretty confident that airing it out will be enough to get rid of it.

And then since I had my ball winder and winding chair all set up, I went ahead and wound the MadTosh DK into cakes. And then since I'd gone that far, I might as well see if I could make gauge. And then since I already did that, it'd be silly not to get completely set up, so I pre-cut all the fringe. And, well, since the yarn and needles and pattern were all right there, I went ahead and cast on. Larch shawl be damned!

And holy hell. I never want to knit with anything else ever again. MadTosh is soft and smooth and the color is just gorgeous. The pattern is simple and really lets the yarn shine, but I get the feeling that this gorgeous wool would do just as well with a more complex lace or cabled pattern too.

Of course I screwed up. The pattern, Lace Stripe Scarf, calls for casting on 42 stitches and working alternating stripes of garter and a simple lace pattern. (I'm using the pattern published in Wendy Knits Lace, but it's also available free online!) I got past the first garter stripe and was into the first lace section and my stitch count was coming out off. Turns out I was adding an extra yarn over, but when I counted to see where my problem was, I discovered I had cast on not 42 stitches, but 48 instead. Not sure how I managed that, but I gave a mental shrug and ripped back. Then at around the fourth stripe, I discovered that I'd begun one of the lace sections on a wrongside row instead of a rightside row as I should have and (naturally) didn't realize this for another few inches. Another mental shrug, another round of ripping.

No anger. No swearing. No muttering about how I'm an idiot who can't read a pattern and can't count and remind me how long have I been knitting for now because really I should be past this nonsense by now.

It's the yarn, I swear it's the yarn. It's such a pleasure to work with that I don't even care that I screwed up and had to redo parts of it because, hey! That just means I get to knit with it longer, yeah? It also helps that it holds up really well to being frogged, which is something very important in a yarn for me.

So now I want to knit everything ever with this yarn, and that's totally not going to happen because that's well out of my knitting budget to do so. I'm getting to play with it now because I got it on sale and this project only called for two skeins of it. Plus, it's a gift for someone who is really super-nice, so I was willing to indulge a bit.

The evening just flew by. Now I'm going to go hop into bed. Tomorrow is Friday, and after I get through my workday there will be hanging out at home, and Jason mentioned the possibility of making boozy milkshakes in our shiny new blender, and -- of course -- more knitting.