stinky wool and lace stripes

It's been a week so far. I knew it would be trouble when I was rushing out of the house to go to work on Monday and managed to whack my thigh on part of the fence that sticks out into the walkway. I had no idea that there was even part of the fence that stuck out. Now I do, and I've got the bruise to prove it. Of course I needn't have rushed since traffic was so awful (due to various construction projects and a busted water main) that it took me almost an hour to get to work. For reference, the drive is normally about 15 minutes. The rest of the week has been more or less like that. Nothing horrible, but it's been one little thing after another.

Also, Diablo III came out yesterday, and Jason and I went over to a friend's house to play en masse. I had to borrow a computer to play it on, because my 5 1/2 year old MacBook can't even handle the graphics of PotterMore so Diablo II would probably send it into a seizure. I'm going to be replacing it with a shiny new computer fairly soon, but I'm waiting on the upgraded Macs. Seems silly not to hold out just a few more weeks to get the fancier ones. Or at least it seemed silly until Diablo III actually came out because now I'm itching to play. Maybe I'll run through Diablo II, just to take the edge off.

Or maybe I should just get as much knitting done as I can before Diablo III eats all of my free time.

I'm really eager to cast on for Jason's sweater, but unfortunately my Cascade Eco wool didn't air out. I untwisted the hanks, stuck them on coathangers and hung them up in the back yard over the weekend. The smell lessened, but not by much. So yay, I get to prewash it all. I'm sort of irritated at myself that I wound one of the hanks into a ball before coming to the realization that I couldn't stand the smell, so now I have to unwind it, wash it, and rewind it. Anyhow, I washed up the first one on Monday night. I had some Kookaburra woolwash left over (from before I discovered how pretty Soak smells) and I gave it a good long bath in that. Kookaburra wash contains tea tree oils, and so it has a sharp spicy smell that I'm not terribly keen on but I thought that it would be best for covering up stinky smells. It definitely got rid of the icky smell, and I can tolerate the tea tree oil well enough for knitting. The sweater will of course be getting a bath in Soak when it's done, so that's fine. The hank is taking forever to dry, though. I checked it this morning and it's still damp. I've got the day off on Friday, so I think I'll wash the other three then and then (weather permitting!) lay them out in the backyard to speed up the drying process. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine.

In other and better knitting news, I'm rapidly nearing completion on my Lace Stripe Scarf. I watched two 90-minute episodes of Sherlock this weekend, plus the season finale of Once Upon a Time, so I got quite a bit of knitting done on Sunday alone. I'm somewhere close to 3/4 of the way through it and though I was completely and utterly enamored of it at first, I'm ready to have this thing finished with. The pattern, as I mentioned previously, is dead simple: a few rows of garter stitch followed by a simple 4-row lace pattern. For whatever reason, I keep starting the lace stripes on the wrong side of the scarf. Not only have I done this at least a dozen times by now, but I also manage to not catch it until I reach the next lace section. At first I was very glass-half-full about the whole thing. After all, it just meant I was getting to knit with this lovely soft delicious yarn more, right? Well after about the 15th *$#!&%# time of ripping out twelve stinking rows and jamming all forty-frigging-two stitches back on the damn needle, my optimism shriveled up and disappeared. I'm ready to be done.

It also doesn't help that unblocked lace always looks like crap. In this case it is crap knit out of a wonderfully soft and beautifully dyed yarn, but when I look at it I still see ugly bumpy lumpy crap, sandwiched between neat little ridges of garter stitch. I'm knitting a scarf of crap sandwiches.

Color sure is purty, though.