catching up

I haven't made terribly much progress with Jason's sweater. Last week, I went ahead and balled up my one non-stinky hank of it and jumped right into swatching. Now I've got one neat little square of fabric, which was a bit small but did grow a little after a bath and is now just the right size. I know, I know... knitting a proper swatch and then actually washing it too?? This is entirely uncharacteristic of me, given my usual by-the-seat-of-my-pants knitting style. But if I'm going to knit a great big man-sweater, I want to do everything I can to make sure I don't screw it up. And if you're a regular reader of my blog, you know I need all the help I can get.

Let's see, catching up... Friday was my day off for the week, and I got a ton of housework done in the morning. And then I spent the afternoon sitting on the sofa, watching Lifetime Movie Network, and knitting. I, as previously mentioned, balled up my yarn and knit the swatch. Then I finished up my Lace Stripe Scarf, which is still in need of a blocking and having its fringe attached. Then because I was on a roll, I pulled out my Boneyard and finished that too.

Saturday was our first D&D session in quite a while, and I grabbed my Larch shawl to keep my hands occupied during that. I'm past the garter triangle section and into the lace now. It's a simple feather-and-fan pattern knit in garter stitch as well, so it's pretty mindless. It's still looking like one end of the yarn is darker than the other, so I'll be curious to get the rest of it knit up so I can tell once and for all whether A) it's just a trick of the light or pattern or whatever/my knitting is screwing with me again, or B) the yarn really is dyed two different shades/I'm sane, sane I tell you!!

Sunday passed uneventfully. I worked, then Jason and I took a long walk in the evening since the weather was so nice.

Monday, I took the Larch shawl out on a date. We went out to a concert; Jason came too. It was awesome, so awesome that to fully grasp just how awesome it was requires a bit of backstory...

When I was in high school, my favorite band in the world was EVE6. Oh, how I loved them. I listened to their CDs, especially Horrorscope, over and over. I was dying to see them in concert, but my mother would not allow me to go because I was "too young." (Sidenote: since most venues I've since been to concerts in require the attendees to be over 18, I most likely was, in fact, "too young" to have gone to see them even had my mother allowed me to. This didn't occur to me until years later, though. At the time, I assure you that it all seemed dreadfully unfair.) When they released their third album the same year I turned 18, I was very excited and took it as a sign that finally -- finally! -- I would get to go see my beloved band. But alas, it was not meant to be. Before I was able to see one of their shows, their record label released them from their contract because of lack of sales, and the band split up. I was very very sad.

But! Recently the band has gotten back together, and just this past April they released their 4th album. And on Monday night they played in Pittsburgh.

I had to wait nearly ten years, but it was totally worth it.