Channeling the Harlot

In true form to how my life goes, my stupid arm was a slow and steady recovery. The instant that I felt it was well enough to survive knitting.... I caught an awful cold that totally knocked me on my ass. Let me just say that colds are awful, but there's just something about coming down with one in the summertime that makes it all that much worse. I actually had to take the day off work on Monday because I was so miserable, and I slept pretty much all day. By now, I'm feeling mostly recovered. Still somewhat congested, but other than that I'm feeling fine.

I haven't done a whole lot of knitting this week, but I finally managed to finish up my blue socks.

I'm still somewhat bothered that the cuffs are too short. Not any definition of "too short" that makes any sort of sense, mind you. It's not that the cuffs are uncomfortable or don't fit or look weird. No, the reason I feel that they are "too short" is because I didn't use up all of the yarn. I was left with two teeny little balls of yarn, each less than an inch in diameter. Had I used them up, the sock cuffs would probably only be a whopping half inch longer. That's not enough to make them more comfortable or better fitting or better looking, but the nutty neurotic part of my brain insists that this will keep them from being "too short." This genuinely bothers me, to the point where I was considering frogging the damn socks and reknitting them, which makes zero sense, but we already established that the rational part of my brain has evidently gone on permanent vacation.

And then a solution occured to me. A simple, elegant, practical solution that would involve neither ripping the socks out nor being driven to distraction by the fact that they are "too short."

I packed those suckers up and slapped a label on the front to send them off to my grandmother.


Or, at least it will be once I actually make it to the post office.

In the meantime, I'm going to be channeling the Yarn Harlot : I've got a bike trip ahead of me, and a travelling sock that'll be going along for the ride.