Bingo and Brussels Sprouts

Despite both my enthusiasm and my optimism (both of which are usually the harbingers of impending failure) this whole Bingo thing that my LYS is doing is going really well for me. As usual, I've waited until the deadline is looming large to get everything done but I've got it to the point where this month's goals are pretty much in the bag for me. I need to collect three more stamps within the next six days, one of which is my usual Knit Night so I'll be there anyhow. During that time I need to complete Christmas Project #1, which only needs ends woven in, details duplicate stitched into the intarsia sections (because intarsia with eleven colors was a slightly bigger slice of crazy pie than I was willing to take on) and a bit of seaming. It's about one evening's worth of solid work.

I also need to purchase 5 notions, which I'll have no problem with. I'm forever losing tape measures and stitch markers, and we won't even discuss the fact that my house is a black hole for darning needles. I also need to buy buttons for a sweater I've got planned. No problems there either.

Then, lastly, I need to complete my gloves.

Because I hate knitting gloves, this will be my biggest challenge. (This also explains why I've left it for last.) I've never actually knit a pair of gloves before, though I did knit a pair of fingerless gloves where the little finger holes just about killed off my will to live, so I felt sure enough of my stance on knitting gloves, particularly knitting the fingers of gloves, that I could go ahead and take this position. Yeah, sure, I did feel a little bit like a kid declaring "I hate brussels sprouts!" without ever having tried them, but now that I am knitting a pair of gloves and it turns out that I do hate them, I feel totally vindicated in my opinions, premature though they may have been. (For the record, I was right about the brussels sprouts too.)

It's the fiddly-ness of knitting just a few stitches in the round, and having to try on the glove partway through to get them the right length, and then break the yarn and reattach and pick up stitches and do it all over again. This is why glove the first only got two fingers before I went ahead and cast on for glove the second. I'm pretending that it's so I can knit each of the fingers on the glove back to back so I've got a better chance of getting both sets of fingers the same number of rows, but really it's because I hate knitting the fingers so much that even the ribbing looked pretty appealing. (Though in typing this out I just realized the flaw in my plan: I knit two fingers of the first glove and hated it so much that I started the second glove.... so that at the end of it I can knit the remaining eight fingers at once. Right. Smooth going there, Einstein.)

And because my knitting just wouldn't be mine if it didn't give me grief, I had to knit the hand of the first glove twice. As I mentioned before, I'm using a Lion Brand pattern for this. Is it just me, or is the sizing on Lion Brand patterns a little wonky? I've knit a sweater from one of their patterns that I had issues with as well.

For this glove, rather than knitting the garter stitch cuff, which I decided was stupid looking, I cast on the number of stitches it said to end up with and the base of the hand and knit some ribbing. It came out way too tight. I ripped it out, and knit the larger size of the pattern. The cuff fit, so I continued with the larger size. When I finished the hand, before starting in on the fingers I tried it on again, and discovered that although the cuff fit snugly, the hand was way too loose. After ripping back down again, I kept the larger-sized cuff, but knit the smaller-sized hand. The hand is now fine, and the fingers are just shy of being too snug. I see that as more evidence of wonky sizing since my fingers are skeleton-skinny. (My wedding ring is a size 3 3/4, for reference.) So I don't think this pattern would really work for anyone with normal fingers. The lengths are also completely wrong, but I have long fingers so I sort of saw that one coming. The pattern says to knit the ring finger to a length of 2". That left my finger bare to the first joint. Hence all the trying on.

Anyhow, I plan on finishing the rest of the hand of glove the second tonight, and maybe get the pinky done. That leaves seven fingers over five days. Knitting two fingers a day (I believe that pacing myself is the key to finishing these things) means I finish on Sunday, and the month is over on Tuesday. Perfect, provided I stick to it. And that, of course, remains to be seen.