productive in all the wrong ways

I've been knitting quite a lot lately. Just, not the knitting that I'm supposed to be knitting on. I picked Sarah's Embarrassingly Belated Birthday Socks (Henceforth known as SEBBS because I'm tired of typing it out, an issue that the little voice in my head pointed out would cease to be if I'd just finish the darned things already) as my Ravellenics project to try to motivate myself to finish them. I did make progress, that's true. I'm past the gusset decreases of the first one and the foot feels like it's just flying along now that the stockinette sole keeps it from being all lace all the time.

It was just so hard to keep my focus on it. Instead of knitting on the wrist cuff to keep my sanity, as I'd planned, I wound up knitting on just about everything else. I finally sat down and finished my Larch Shawl, and by finished I mean totally bound off and blocked and the ends are woven in and this sucker is ready to be worn type of finished, not my usual half-assed the knitting is more or less down so I'm pretending it's done type of finished that I usually do.

Undoubtedly I would have left it knit but neither bound off nor blocked under normal circumstances, until it got cold enough where I wanted to wear it and finally got frustrated that I couldn't, if I hadn't had SEBBS  the first to motivate me otherwise. I rather like it, unsurprising considering that I get a ton of use out of my Multnomah. The garter stitch makes it nice and squooshy and warm, and Larch is an obnoxious hot pink and neon orange that I'm just totally head over heels about. (It always amuses me that my color choices for yarns tend toward obnoxious and eye-searing, but all my shirts and store-bought sweaters tend to be grey, brown, blue, grey, black, dark green, and grey. I wear a lot of grey.)

I also went ahead and finished up the second traveling sock, since I was there and it was there and it just needed the toe done. These I finished, wove in the ends, and then set aside until the weather gets cool enough to wear them.

And then, when I found myself without any lingering WIPs hanging about nearby, I picked up SEBBS again and knit the heel flap, then before actually turning the heel I gave in to the lure of my new  Yarn Hollow Bitty yarn and cast on for a new triangle shawl. With its busybusy colorway, I knew I wanted a pattern with a large stockinette body and a simple lace border that won't get muddled or lost with all the colors. I still haven't totally decided what I'm going to do for the border, so for now I'm just going to knit away at the top part, stop when I get closer to the end of the skein, then pick a lace pattern and keep going til I have the right number of stitches to begin it. What could go wrong? (Don't answer that...)

At first I was afraid that this yarn would do all sorts of awful horrible pooling things, but overall I've been pretty pleased with how it's going. Yeah, the place where the blue pools stands out, but the alternative is to alternate rows, working from both ends of the yarn at once and that's more of a hassle than I'm willing to take on. This is definitely going to be a nice big shawlette. I'm still trying to figure out what lace to do along the bottom, which is coming up fast. I'm leaning toward doing another Dane shawl since I love the way my last one turned out and have been meaning to make one for myself. I do feel a little weird knitting the same pattern multiple times (if I do go with Dane this will be #3, though in all fairness I did give Danes #1 and #2 away...) when there are so many other great shawlette patterns out there that I want to make.

I'm going to take a little time to think it over. In the meantime I'm going to keep knitting away at SEBBS the First. I think I can make it to the toe tonight. Monday is my big tv night, with Warehouse 13 at nine and then the new season of Grimm starting up at 10. No more Zen yarn until that sock is done!