Not All Sunshine and Rainbows

Especially no sunshine since today was the end of Daylight Savings Time. At 5:30 it was already dark, and here we are at just 6PM and night has fully fallen. This means that for the next few months it's dark when I drive home and by the time I get finished with dinner I feel like the day is over and I have no motivation to do anything else.

It also makes taking pictures of knitting somewhat problematic. Everything looks so much better in natural sunlight. I can try to save my photo shoots for the weekend but because this is Pittsburgh even that's no guarantee since sunlight in the winter is something of a rarity.

I miss summer already, but we have to get through winter first and my quest for warm feet continues.

Another pair of socks I knit is Take 2 on my Knitpicks Felici Rainbow socks. You may remember them from such adventures as Why the hell are there red splotches all over my knitting? from a few months ago. I wrote Knitpicks about the issue and they cheerfully shipped me two more skeins from a different dyelot.

Except, because I am an idiot, I didn't check to make sure that they really were from a different dyelot. Hint: they're not. I'm now in possession of four skeins of yarn from the same bad dyelot.

Luckily, however, only one of the skeins is really really bad, as far as I can tell. So I knit from the least bad of the original skeins, and that took me to halfway down the foot of sock #2 -- the advantage of small feet! I used the bad skein to finish the foot, since it'd spend most of its life hidden in a shoe, and on the heels.

Yeah, you can definitely tell which sock came from the bad skein. But I don't care. They're stripey and rainbow and I pretty much love them. This was my first try at afterthought heels. I used The Sock Knitter's Handbook as a guide, and they recommended decreasing the heel down to 20% of the total stitches. That seemed a bit small to me, but I'd wager that Charlene Schurch knows just a teensy bit more about knitting socks than I do, so I obediently decreased down to 12 stitches and tried it on. Too much. I ended up with a little empty flappy bit at the end of the heel. (No picture of that because I was somewhat preoccupied with swearing.) I ripped back to when I had 20 stitches and that seems just right.

The instep is just a bit tight on me, so I think on my next attempt at afterthought heels I'd pick up an extra 2 stitches at each of the corners. I think this would also help eliminate the holes that formed there. It only took a minute to sew them up, but I'd rather not deal with it if I don't have to.

These socks did inspire some amount of freaking out on my part as I started them...  For some reason, while most of the color stripes made eight rounds, the green and the red make eleven round stripes. But this was consistent across my two skeins and so some of my stripes are just wider than others. I have a second pair started in the colorway Time Traveler, and they also have certain stripes that are wider than the others: the peach and the tan. I feel like I ought to be more bothered by this but at this point I'm so over Felici. It's soft and I love the colors, but between the smudgey red dye and the uneven stripes I probably won't be buying it again. I'll knit up what I've got and that will be that.

Shame, because I feel like I could really love this yarn. Super soft, and I love things with stripes. But life is too short for frustrating yarns. There are too many great ones out there to try.