Dull as Dishwater

I feel like the blog has taken a bit of a turn lately. Here I am, blogging about socks, and nearly-3-year-old-sweaters and more socks. But that's what I've been doing, so here we are.

I finished my Time Traveler socks today. I applied all the lessons learned from the Rainbow socks -- made the legs a little longer, picked up extra stitches for the heels -- and ended up with a pair of socks I really love. This colorway was also not immune to the smudgey red dye, but it wasn't nearly as bad as the Rainbow colorway so I've chosen to let it go. Plus, Knit Picks also does not appear to carry this colorway any longer, so there's that as well. One of the socks was smudgier than the other, but it's not terribly noticeable from a bit of distance. And I sincerely doubt anyone will be crawling on the floor to inspect my handknits so I'm letting that go as well.

You'll notice that the colorway sequence gets a bit out of order at the toes. Yellow is supposed to come between the beige and red stripes, yet there it is after the purple. That's because I knit like an idiot. See, when I was approaching the toes I pulled out my Rainbow socks and counted how many stripes to knit before starting my decreases. Well, I miscounted and actually knit the toe, grafted it shut, and knit the heel before realizing that it's not my imagination that the socks don't fit right. Of course by then I'd already used the next two strips in the sequence, grey and beige, to knit up the afterthought heel. So I grafted the yarn back together using a Russian Join (I can't say enough wonderful things about the Russian Join -- it's my favorite way of joining yarn, mostly because it eliminates the need to weave in ends.) I replicated the yellow toes on the other sock, and it almost looks like I meant to do it!

Maybe it's the FO-glow talking here, but these might be my favorite socks to date. They're soft and warm, striped (I have a weakness for striped things) and oh-so-subtley geeky. They're the type of socks that it seems a shame to cover with jeans and shoes.

The socks I'm working on now, however, are an entirely different story. They're soft and warm and overtly geeky, and I plan on wearing them almost exclusively with skirts so as to show off their nerdy awesomeness.

Yep, they're my TARDIS socks. If you'll stretch your memory back, I purchased the yarn for these babies back in January and have only now gotten around to working on them. I'm using Madeline Tosh Sock yarn for the main part, and I think that the colorway Lapis just the perfect TARDIS blue. I can't wait to get these finished and on my feet!

And lest you think I've forgotten, I'm still working on SEBBS the second. Um, still no photo proof, so you'll just have to take my word on it that they're progressing. I'm at the heel now, so I should be picking up speed now that there's a nice boring stockinette sole to break up the lace. Yeah!