One Down

And just like that I've missed a week. Oh, I've got my laundry list of excuses at the ready, as usual. Let's see, there was the election, during which I was glued to the tv as the results rolled in and in my excitement I forgot to type up a post. And then I was sick, and then I was busy, and now I'm finally getting around to posting again.

And what have we missed? Not a whole heck of a lot, to be honest. I'm still knitting socks, and badly at that. So yay for consistency, at least? My Time Traveler socks are awaiting a slight modification. I decreased the heel of one farther than the other, so I need to undo the grafting on it, unravel two rounds and graft it back up. It'll take me only a few minutes to fix, but for some reason (that reason likely being that all I have done for the past two months is fix sock that I've done similarly stupid things to) I just can't be bothered.

I've also managed to complete one of my TARDIS socks, which I'm just over the moon about.

It only took me four days to knit from the colorwork down (that bit took me another couple of days) to make. That's excluding the wasted day where I knit the textured leg wrong not once but TWICE. The first time I misread the instructions. The second time is because I can't count to seven reliably. Third time is the charm, apparently, because I got it right after that. The rest of it zipped right along, and thanks to two marathon knitting sessions I found myself sitting down tonight with just a few rounds of the toe left. It only took a little bit to finish it off and graft it shut (a good thing because after yesterday's marathon of five hours while hanging out with friends and playing Gloom I'm getting little twinges of pain in my left hand.) I plan on casting on for the second TARDIS sock tonight so that I'm not trying to count to 72 during the distractions of Knitting Night so that I can get the pain of 1x1 twisted ribbing over and done with in the company of others. I recall the cuff of the first sock taking me somewhere in the neighborhood of an hour and a half, so if I can get that finished tomorrow night I'll be satisfied. Then I'll be setting them aside until Friday at the earliest because I'll be busy the rest of the week and will need something mindless to work on for then.

This should fit the bill nicely, I think.

It's yet another plain stockinette top-down sock, knit with some of my Germany yarn. This is ONLine Supersocke 150 in the colorway Candy. I think that it was pink and black when I bought it, but after seeing it knit up, it's more of a pink and really dark green. I like it. I've got the cuff done and am safely into the plain stockinette leg so it's nice and mindless. We'll see how big a dent I make in this.