DIY Sock Club

I'm taking another page from the book of the Yarn Harlot. A while ago, maybe two years or so?, she blogged about making her own sock club to get motivation for knitting up some of the sock yarn and patterns she'd meant to get around to and just hadn't. I've always wanted to join an actual sock club, but haven't because I just can't justify the expense of it when, A) I already have lots of sock yarn and B) I already have so many sock patterns queued up that I want to make and C) I'm really really truly awful at keeping up my motivation for these things so really I'd just end up with 12 new skeins of sock yarn in The Stash and 12 new patterns in my queue.

But doing one myself? I've already got the yarn and I've already got the patterns, and if I completely fail at it, well, it didn't cost me anything to begin with. So I got out my pattern books and my yarn and pulled out 12 skeins that have been floating around for a while and matched them up with patterns I thought I'd like to make. Then I put them in ziplock bags with a sticky note to remind me what pattern I'd picked for what yarn, and numbered them all one through twelve.

I knew I wanted to pick a new one randomly at the start of each month, but didn't have any bags that weren't transparent. So how to get around this? Because I'm a geek, my solution was to roll a d12. It came up 9, which is the number assigned to this lovely skein of yarn:

This is Mountain Colors Bearfoot Sock in the colorway Summertime. I matched it up with the sock pattern Froot Loop, because the color reminds me of the cereal. Even though I haven't eaten Froot Loops in about twenty years, I still remember sitting at the kitchen table and munching on a bowl of them before going off to kindergarten so they've got nice memories. Best of all, this pattern gives me an excuse to bust out the fancypants new sock needles I got for Christmas -- a set of Signature Needle Arts 3mm DPNS. And the sock is practically flying off it, even patterned. I'm quite a but further along than this, just past the gusset decreases now, and I love everything about this yarn and this pattern.

These things knit like a dream. The tips are super pointy and slick enough that I even enjoyed knitting the ribbing on these babies. And once I got into the patterned section? The stiletto points make even the most awkward stitches a breeze. In fact, I did a few k3togs just because I could, all the while lamenting where were these needles while I was slogging through the Vilai socks I knit for Sarah? Cookie A's patterns no longer hold any fear for me! Cables, lace, whatever, bring it on! And a good thing, too, since all of the patterns I've picked out of my DIY Sock Club are patterned and I'll need all the help I can get there.

I'm also knitting a Bandana Cowl, using up more of my KnitPicks City Tweed HW in Lemon Curd. You may recall that I bought a bunch of it to make a cropped sweater and vastly overestimated how much I'd need. I knit a hat to try to use up more of it, but still had a ton left. Now I'm knitting this kerchief, and I started out hopeful that it'd use up most of the rest. Well, that doesn't look like it's going to happen. So, I guess I can knit some mittens and have an actual matching set of winter things? I don't think that's ever happened to me before. Normally I just throw on a random assortment of knitted things and I'm afraid the effect is me looking like I got dressed in the dark. A dark place filled with lots of lovely knitted things that all look nice on their own but none of which match anything else.