Wash Sweater, Take 2

Quite a while ago, nearly a year in fact, you may recall that I had a hankering to knit up a cabled sweater. Of course I got this urge right as the weather began to warm up, but I didn't let that stop me. I just called it "planning" and "forethought" and other such things with which I am only modestly acquainted. I ordered myself four skeins of Cascade Eco+ and set about knitting up a Wash Sweater for Jason.

This is a pattern that had been lurking in my queue for a while. It's warm and stylish and cozy and nerdy and something Jason has said he'll actually wear. What's not to love about that? Anyhow, with high hopes I set about knitting it. (Well, not quite right away... the yarn unfortunately smelled odd when I got it, and so it all needed a bath before I could stand to knit with it. That set me back a little.) I did it properly, knitting up a little 4"x4" gauge swatch and washing that and remeasuring and everything. I was just flying along on it, until I had blood drawn and my elbow got so bruised that I couldn't knit for about a week and a half.

While I was incapacitated, I figured it was as good a time as any to take the beginnings of the Wash Sweater off the needles, give it a wash, and measure it to make sure that it was coming out the correct size. Because we all know that gauge swatches are lying liars who lie like rugs. They are, and mine did, and the stupid sweater was coming out four inches too small. Me, being me, swore at it for a while, then proceeded to stuff it into a bag and ignore it for the next six months.

During the fall I knit lots and lots of socks, and as winter set in I was again struck with the urge to knit up a cabled sweater. And what luck, thought I, that I've got one right here, with all the supplies ready to go, the yarn already balled up, and eight inches of the back to use as my swatch. I liked the fabric I was getting on 10.5s so I didn't want to change needle sizes. (Plus, that would have involved knitting another gauge swatch and that was something I wanted to avoid because that probably would have lied to me too.) I ended up adding an extra four stitches to each of the double moss sections, then an extra stitch in between the double moss sections and the simple cables. This should give me the extra inches I need, provided I did my math right. Me and math don't exactly have the best track record, but I'm choosing to believe that this sweater has already used up all its bad juju in its previous carnation.

For funsies, I'm keeping track of how long it takes to knit this sucker. Nine hours looks like this:

Um, not so impressive. The stupid 1x1 twisted rib took me half of that. (Have I mentioned lately that I knit slow as fuck?)

I can't wait to get this done. We'll see if I can manage that before the weather warms up...