It's Good to be a Knitter

There are times when I am just so happy to be a knitter. Long waits, for example. Stressful situations where it's soothing to keep my hands occupied. But the time when I am most happy of my chosen hobby is weeks like this. The temperatures this week have been bitterly cold, with highs in the teens and lows down in the single digits. Windchill is something I'm pretending that if I ignore then it might go away. And I'll admit, I felt pretty darn smug as I bundled up this morning to go outside, donning a bulky wool hat and scarf and gloves, with my feet tucked snugly away in a pair of wooly socks.

I still froze my ass off, mind you, but I like to think I did so slower and with a bit more panache than non-knitterly people in their storebought winter garb.

This cold weather is also great for my knitty motivation. I've got the first of my Froot Loop socks down to the toe, and have yet to cast on for the second.

I'm so in love with these socks. They're so fantastically bright and comfy. The Bearfoot Sock has knit up into a nice cushy fabric at 8 stitches to the inch.

I've also continued on my Wash Sweater. I'm at 13 inches of the back, and 13 hours. So, yep, an inch an hour. Though to be fair that's while watching tv and not counting all the little "hey let me just look at this thing on the internet real quick!" and usually while trying to fend off at least one cat who's parked herself on my lap. But it's coming along well. I've had to tink back a few times, and there was one rather frustrating event where one of my traveling cables went wandering off in totally the wrong direction, but no major froggings, knock on wood.