The GAP - Day 1

For the 4th of July, I went on a bike trip with Jason, his parents, and a sock-in-progress. We did the Great Allegheny Passage, which is an old railroad line that was converted into a bike path. It's about 150 miles long, from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD. From there it connects to the C&O trail that runs the rest of the way to Washington DC. We didn't do the entire GAP, since the part that's in Pittsburgh isn't completed yet. Instead, we drove about an hour outside of the city and started in Perryopolis. The plan was to head over there after work on Friday, have a nice dinner at the restaurant in Lenora's Bed and Breakfast, and then start out early the next morning.

Lenora's is a cute little place; part of it is a huge old house, but with modern rooms added onto the back, and a huge wraparound porch. We got there as planned on Friday evening and checked in. The room was cute, and best of all came with a pink crocheted afghan that the sock immediately made friends with.

After getting all out gear stowed away, we went in the bar to wait for dinner, and I enjoyed a glass of wine as I knit a little on my travelling sock. We went into the dining room and sat down to our delicious meal as we listened to a storm rolling in. Halfway through, the lights flickered, flickered again, and went out. Kudos to the staff of Lenora's -- they managed to get the rest of our meal completed and out to us, and brought in lots of candles for our table. I had a veal dish that was absolutely wonderful. After dinner, we sat out on the porch and watched the rain for a while before heading to bed. We were given a flashlight and some electric Christmas candle decorations to light up our rooms (points for creativity!) and we called it a night.

The power came back on the next day and we got up and started. Jason and his dad were driving one of the cars out to Cumberland, our end point, and they left early. His mom and I sat down to a wonderful breakfast of sliced fruits, pastries, a baked bread dish, and scrambled eggs with bacon. We sat on the porch for an hour or so as we waited for the menfolk to return, and I finished the ribbing on the sock. We also had a visit from a neighborhood cat by the name of Anakin Skywalker.

We started out on the trail at about 11AM. I wasn't sure quite what to expect, but it was very nice. I knew that it was an old railroad line that had been taken  out and then filled in with stone dust, but beyond that didn't really know. It turned out to be quite nice.

That morning we only had to go about 15 miles from Perryopolis to our first stop, Connellsville. There turned out to be not a whole lot to do in Connellsville, so after grabbing lunch at what appeared to be one of the only restaurants in town, we headed over to Greenwood House to check in for the night. Greenwood House is another large old house that was converted into a bed and breakfast. What I didn't know about it was that you end up staying there with two rooms of other people and there's only one bathroom. Luckily we were the first ones there, so I went ahead and hopped into the shower, which is an old cast-iron clawfoot tub. Worst shower I've ever taken in my life. The faucet put out a stream of water that was more akin to a gentle spring rain, and did so in a wide circle that was empty in the middle. After everyone else braved the shower as well, we sat around for the rest of the evening, ordered a pizza, and watched movies. The sock grew quite a bit, and made friends with another afghan.

As a side note, see that? I'm past turning the heel and into the gusset decreases. The first sock/afghan shot shows where I was that morning (about 5 rounds into the ribbing) and by that evening I was into the gusset decreases. I was stunned. I've always been a slow knitter, and always thought of myself as a slow knitter. Knitting half a sock in one day? Not exactly slow. My mind is still boggling over this fact.

Tomorrow, the sock meets some rocks, we see some deer, visit Ohiopyle, and ride on to Confluence.