what I've been up to...

Well, not posting. That's for sure. It's been pretty crazy here in Yarnia lately and I just couldn't seem to find two minutes to sit down and throw together a post. First I was getting ready to go out of town, then I was in Tampa for ten days, and now I'm trying to get my day-to-day life organized and banish the last of my vacation-brain and then it was my weekend to work and I came down with a bit of a cold and and and....

My time in Florida was nice. It included visiting lots of family and catching up with friends. It also included a trip here:

...which was very enjoyable. We went the weekend after Labor Day, which is traditionally a very slow weekend, and then it rained a lot so we ended up not waiting more than 10 minutes for any ride. (Well, except for the Haunted Mansion. That one had some "technical difficulties" while we were in line, so I think we waited about 20 minutes for that.) It was pretty great. My typical set-up for amusement parks is to take along a sock-in-progress and work on it while waiting in line. The sock I took with me only got about ten rounds added to it over the course of three days, so that should tell you just how fast we were moving.

I have been knitting, though! I've got SEBBS the first done, and SEBBS the second started. No picture yet, because I can't take one that really does it justice at the moment.

I love it, I really do. It's fancy and elegant and just, well, I really want to keep it for myself which is the mark of really great knitting, I feel. Luckily it's just a smidge too loose on me so that makes giving it away just a little easier. If I were to own a fancy-pants socks that took way too long to make, they'd better fit me perfectly. So I've started the second, and now that there's no stockinette sole to break up the nonstop lacefest the going is a bit slower, but progress is being made, and it is now my fondest wish that these suckers be completed by Christmas.

I've also been knitting away on some plain socks. I've got one pair done in Petals Socks yarn, which I love love love.

The yarn has a 20% angora content which makes it super soft and gives the finished sock a faint fuzzy halo. Putting the finished socks on feels like walking around with hugs on my feet. Everyone who's seen it and then felt it has expressed interest in a pair for themselves. I am now in possession of five -- count 'em,  five -- skeins of the stuff. My mom's claimed the pink set, Rina requested red, I've decided these grey ones are for me, and that leaves green and purple so I guess we'll see if those get claimed. Then I plan on making the leftovers of all the skeins into a pair of crazy random striped socks for me. It'll be fun!

These are being top-down in plain stockinette. I love knitting no-frills basic socks like this. It's like vanilla ice cream, or hot oatmeal on a chilly Saturday morning. Not the most exciting, certainly, but there's something very wholesome and fulfulling about it nonetheless. I can knit basic socks like this practically in my sleep, which is great since I'm trying to boost my handknit sock count before winter sets in. My goal is six pairs by the end of November so that I have lots of pairs to wear with my Danskos. I can totally do this.